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Remember that time when I became a dermatologist and makeup artist? You don’t? Oh wait, that’s because I’m neither of those things. You may argue that I have no business writing about my favourite “clean” skincare & makeup products, but I disagree. While my education had nothing to do with skincare, it had a lot to do with research – and trust me, I have spent (wasted) a lot of time researching (reading reviews of) different brands. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit how much effort I’ve put into researching, purchasing and sampling various products, but I may as well come clean about it (see what I did there?) so we can all benefit from my work.

First, I should say that my definition of “clean” for the purposes of this post is – with a few exceptions – anything that has the “Clean at Sephora” seal of approval. Second, I want to be clear that I have not been paid to write this, or even gifted any products. I just wanted to share my favourites! Finally, my favourites are based on my skin, which I would call dry and aging, so keep that in mind!


Caudalie has been a favourite line of mine for a while. The quality is good, and the brand often puts together some great “value sets.” I almost always buy this line as a value set of sorts. I purchased one set with a serum, eye cream and face cream, and a second set with an Elixir (a toning spray), a cream and a cleanser. I’m especially fond of this line’s gentle foaming cleanser.

Tatcha is emerging as a new favourite of mine. I love the dewy cream and I went out on a limb and purchased a value set of this product. Excellent value!

Origins and Summer Fridays have my heart for best clean face masks. The former always puts together some great value sets that are affordable; the latter is a bit of a splurge.

Honourable mention: the brand “fresh” does not get the “clean at Sephora” stamp but many of its products are still “clean enough” for me. fresh puts together some great value sets for Sephora, including an excellent set called the Black Tea Shop Gift Set, which has my favourite “Firming Corset Cream” in it.


Tarte is the leader of the pack for my makeup choices. I’m currently using one of their eye shadow palettes, as well as a fabulous blush/bronzer value set. Furthermore, the line’s tinted CC cream is like silk! Meanwhile, my clean mascara of choice is ILIA.

I have not found a clean lip product at Sephora that I truly enjoy and would feel comfortable recommending. I sometimes use Buxom, which is pretty much the opposite of clean makeup. The rest of the time, my lips belong to BeautyCounter. I love their gloss and their Colour Intense Lipstick (the sheer lipstick is not my favourite). My go-to colours are Dahlia or Poppy Shimmer for the lip gloss; for the lipstick it’s either 9 to 5 or Little Black Dress. For Christmas this year, I’ll be asking for the Rosewood Lip Trio from BeautyCounter. BeautyCounter is also my chosen brand for a concealer pen.

Honourable mention: “it Cosmetics” does not get the clean seal of approval from Sephora but I have been told by the staff there that it is oh so close. I regularly use the line’s CC cream.

To Summarize:

Moisturizer: Caudalie or Tatcha

Serum: Caudalie 

Toner: Caudalie

Masks: Origins or Summer Friday

BB/CC Cream: Tarte or it Cosmetics

Blush/Bronzer: Tarte

Mascara: ILIA

Eye Shadow: Tarte

Concealer: BeautyCounter

Lip Gloss/Lipstick: BeautyCounter

Sephora products can be found at . Be sure you sign up for their free Beauty Insiders program to get a discount off your order until November 11. You can purchase BeautyCounter through one of their consultants. My Calgary consultant can be found at and my East Coast connection is 

I hope you enjoy my recommendations! Don’t forget that Sephora has a 30 day return policy if you don’t like the product.