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Note: this service was gifted to me but I was not required to write a blog post. The opinions are very much my own!

A picture paints a thousand words, so let me start by going straight to the “before and after” photos. They were taken in the same room, with the same lighting. In both photos, I’m wearing mascara and lipgloss, but absolutely no makeup on my skin. I’ve been amazed with the results!

When Lisa, the owner of Mudwraps to Manicures in Bedford, asked if I might be interested in micro needling, I said yes immediately. The funny part is, I only knew enough about micro needling to say yes: it helped with anti-aging, and it wasn’t invasive. The rest, I would have to learn.

My blog is dedicated to feeling at home in your own life, and this extends to feeling comfortable in your own skin. I am an advocate for a healthy self-image and grappled with whether an anti-aging service was something I wanted to stand behind. In the end, it was. After all, micro needling is non-invasive and simply brings out the best in my skin.

What is it?

Micro Needling is a procedure whereby tiny little pin pricks (about 2,000 in total) cause short-term damage to your skin in order to produce collagen. The treatment is quick (about half an hour for my whole face). I’d put it in the “eye brow waxing” category of pain: not great but also not prohibitive. If someone tells you it hurt a lot, it’s possible they might have done micro needling with the old, bigger needles that Lisa at Mudwraps to Manicures no longer uses.

How many treatments do I need?

The general rule for micro needling is that you need about one treatment for each decade of your age. Having turned 40 this year, I could have done four treatments, though Lisa and I both felt that 3 would be sufficient. Treatments are done at least 6 weeks apart because it takes up to six weeks to see the full benefits of the micro needling. After your treatment is complete, it is recommended that you do one annual treatment as maintenance.

What is the Cost?

I got Micro Needling done on my entire face, and the cost at Mudwraps to Manicures is $325 per treatment.

Is Micro Needling worth it?

For me, YES. To be honest, micro needling wasn’t even on my radar. I wasn’t looking to have it done, but when I met Lisa and she suggested I’d be a good candidate for it, I was open to it. Now, I’m a total convert. The results are subtle but great! I can see that my crow’s feet are just a little bit shorter, and the lines around my mouth are not as deep. I’m really impressed with the tone of my skin; it’s clearer and brighter. I used to wear makeup every day; I still wear it most days but I feel so much better about my skin that there are many days that I will only wear mascara and lip gloss. I am so happy I got this service done, and I will definitely be going for my annual “maintenance” treatment. If you’re looking for micro needling in the Bedford or Halifax area, I highly recommend Lisa and her fabulous staff at Mudwraps to Manicures. They made me feel even more comfortable in my own skin!

Feeling glowing in my new skin!