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I recently attended the Wellness Expo put on by the Sunnyside Mall in Bedford, NS.  At first, I was unsure – would this involve all those women from the internet trying to add me to their fitness coaching team? Luckily, it did not.  In fact, Sunnyside’s approach to Wellness was very holistic, very up my alley, and they made it fun for my entire family. 

The event encompassed all sides of wellness – from the mind, to muscles, to skin. Brain Candy’s exhibit was a family favourite: they included both brain-teasers and exercise toys for the kids. We were at the mall for over three hours and the only time the kids complained was when it was time for lunch. That’s gotta be a record! Because I love free stuff, I was tempted to feed the kids a whole lunch based purely on the food samples offered at the event, but in the end, we took at walk down to Pete’s and had some lunch (on top of having some delicious samples!).  

Ewan enjoying a smoothie sample

Dana and I were quick to volunteer for the makeup demo and the men’s shave (the photos show who got what). We were completely pampered while the kids played quietly within eyeshot…so we basically lived out every parent’s Saturday afternoon fantasy. Even Amelia got in on the pampering and got her nails painted, which was a real treat for her because I don’t do nails. I mean, I have nails; I just can’t paint them.

Dana getting a shave from Carlo’s Barber Shop
Amelia getting her nails painted by Shades

Sunnyside Mall isn’t a large mall, but the event really highlighted how many different aspects of wellness it actually covers.  They have a gym, a dance studio, fitness gear, food vendors with healthy options, a wellness shop, skincare, a spa, a men’s barbershop – the list goes on! It was a great reminder of what my community mall has to offer.

And speaking of community, that was my favourite part of the whole event. Because I live in Bedford, I also know the people here. I caught up with so many people I knew at Sunnyside’s Wellness Expo: teenagers from my Sunday school class, friends, my children’s friends, neighbours down the street, a family from preschool. One of the top reasons I started blogging was to integrate myself more fully into the community, and I really felt the spirit of the local community at this event. What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. This will definitely be an annual event for my family!

Playing some games outside of Brain Candy
Tasting some oils from Liquid Gold
Hangin’ with the mascot from Ice Patch Hollow!
I tried some Body Shop products and even took home some goodies!

Although this blog post was sponsored by Sunnyside Mall, all of the opinions and words are my own. See you at Sunnyside!