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We are so excited to be welcoming a new member into our family. In September, my brother and sister-in-law will give birth to their first-born son. My mother and sister Katie co-hosted a shower that my sister Ginny and I helped prepare. Here are a few tips to help host a shower during Covid-19:

If Possible, Host Outdoors

My mom, hostess extraordinaire

Because of the larger volume of clean air outdoors, there is less likelihood of contracting Covid-19. This will give your guests more comfort in a time riddled with uncertainty. Be sure to let guests know in advance that the event will be outdoors so they can dress appropriately.

Plan to Social Distance

Figure out what your available space is, and spread the chairs out accordingly. The nice thing about an intimate baby shower is that many of the guests will have overlapping family bubbles. Those people can sit together, while a two-meter distance can be maintained between bubbles.

Sisters sitting together

Make Hand Sanitizer Available

My mother ordered enough hand sanitizer for everyone, then put a cute label on them. Not only were there enough for everyone to have their own, but they made a great parting gift.

Choose Your Food Wisely

No dips! I repeat, no dips! The last thing you want is for everyone to be getting their fingers into a communal bowl. In theory, dips could be distributed to individual plates, but not easily. We opted for items that could readily be put on each individual’s plate.

Limit Who Touches Food & Have Dedicated Servers

Covid-19 is not the time for lots of cooks in the kitchen! More hands mean more germs. Resist the urge to have every helpful aunt bring a dish or help serve. Choose a few dedicated people to prepare the food. Ideally, those same people would also serve the food.

Have Fun!

This is still a time of celebration; with the right protocols in place, you can get back to having fun and celebrating the new mom or bride-to-be.

Aunties- & Grandmother-to-be