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Moving across the country is kind of a big deal.  Even if you’ve never done it, you can imagine that relocating your family can be a little daunting – not to mention house hunting from 3,000 miles away.  After three overnight flights to look at homes (picture me lying in the fetal position on a plane), I was over it. In the end, we bought our house sight unseen.  Because it’s totally normal to buy a house after your sister FaceTimes you through it, right?

When I first saw the new house with my own eyes, I loved it.  LOVED it.  I basically skipped through the updated kitchen and into our private yard, and twirling like Maria in the Sound of Music (at least, that’s how I remember it).   I could feel the house becoming my home.

Enter the Master Bathroom.  If think about your home, you probably have a favourite corner: that one area that makes you feel most “at home.”  For me, in our old house, that space was our  bright and luxurious master bathroom. Now, I was faced with a master bathroom that was dark and dreary.  The shower was like showering in a cave.  Frankly, it was killing a little bit of my soul and making me irrationally homesick for my old house.  Luckily, we had squirrelled away some renovation funds; my sister (@virginia.ann.interiors) is a designer and was happy to take me on as her client.  With the help of a contractor, we completely gutted the bathroom and went to work on making the bathroom my sanctuary.

Of course, my budget was not unlimited.  My designer sister had lots of great ideas for my home, and I implemented a lot of them, but had to be budget-conscious in other areas of the house because for me, it was all about the luxurious bathroom.  My contractor said he had never cut  seven holes in a mirror before, but that that didn’t mean it couldn’t be done!  My bathtub is a little bigger than I probably needed but I love it oh so much.  I definitely pictured my husband and I using the two person shower more, but I obviously forgot that we have young children (and really, who can complain about two shower heads?). The bathroom is now my happy place. When I start and finish my days there, when I look around at what I created, and feel the heat on my toes from my in-floor heating, I feel peaceful, and happy, and at home. Life is good!