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Little Sarah Birch

Welcome To Little Sarah Birch

Who am I?  I’m a mother, a wife, Maritimer, a former lawyer, and a self-proclaimed adventurer who goes by Sarah.  I’m not funny per se, but I get myself into funny situations that create humour in my life.  I believe that everyone has a story to tell; this blog will be home to my story.  

Because our family recently moved from the West to the East Coast of Canada (back to “our roots”), I’ve been thinking a lot about how to turn the place you live into your home.  This blog is meant for anyone looking to feel more at home in their own life and community, while following along with mine.

The Blog

Being Small is Fine by Me

“How short are you?”  If no one has asked you this, you are probably taller than five feet.  I don’t actually know the tipping point at which people start asking you how tall you are, but I do know that people ask how short you are at five feet. This site is dedicated...

Home, Sweet Home in my Bathroom

Moving across the country is kind of a big deal.  Even if you’ve never done it, you can imagine that relocating your family can be a little daunting - not to mention house hunting from 3,000 miles away.  After three overnight flights to look at homes (picture me lying...

Homeward Bound

(Note: this post is slightly more serious than most other topics in my life, but it was important to me that you know my background).  Home.  The word alone evokes emotion and reminds me of countless sayings: “Home is where the heart is,” “Home, sweet home” or,...